L'influenceuse Elisabeth Rioux pose totalement nue

Elisabeth Rioux a laissé tomber son bikini, aujourd'hui sur Instagram!

L'influenceuse et femme d'affaires derrière la marque de maillots Hoaka Swimwear a partagé une photo d'elle où elle apparaît totalement nue!

La Québécoise utilise sa main et le reflet de l'eau pour cacher l'essentiel.

Voici la publication en question, montrant Elizabeth Rioux en tenue d'Ève : 



“At your best, you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you’ll still be worth it for the right person” I’m trying to stop caring about mean comments, obviously I get much more positive ones but you know it’s always easy to hate on a girl showing her body (doesn’t make sense but still a fact) No matter what I am doing, good or bad, there is gonna be people hating me and some others loving me. I’m human I make mistakes and I might have some unpopular opinions but I prefer being 100% myself. This way at least I know I’m being who I want to be and not trying to please everyone cause anyway : it won’t happen no matter what. And no matter what bad moves I can do, I’ll just learn from it and the real people around me are just going to support me. We really need to focus on ourselves and not on what people want us to be, we have to stop concidering the wrong people’s opinions about ourselves and just let it go. I’m trying to do it but it is still really hard, hopefully one day I get to the point I don’t get hurt by bad comments but at least rn I know I’m being 100% transparent. I am also sure that the lous around me love me no matter what and understand that if I was perfect, I wouldn’t be real. Cause that’s also a point, people are asking “influencers” (still hate that word lol) to be perfect, whenevef we make a mistake we are not ok but when we show a perfect image of ourselves we are not ok either cause “we are selling dreams and we are fake” .. that’s so confusing, what are we suppose to be ? (Point I want to discuss about in my next caption) love you all wolfpack ❤️

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