Scarlett Johansson naturelle et sexy sur de nouvelles photos!

Scarlett Johansson l'une des vedettes de l'édition « Women in Hollywood » du magazine Elle américain, ce mois-ci! 

Pour l'occasion, l'actrice a participé à une nouvelle séance photo et le résultat est renversant! 

Avec un maquillage extrêmement naturel et les cheveux en bataille, Scarlett Johansson a pris la pose dans différentes tenues devant un fond blanc. Si le concept paraît plutôt simple, les portraits sont en réalité magnifiques!

Voici quelques photos de la belle Américaine pour le Elle USA de novembre 2019 : 


In #JojoRabbit, #ScarlettJohansson steps into familiar territory. “It’s funny, because I had never played a mother before,” she says. “And now suddenly I have two films back to back where I have children who are, like, eight or nine years old. Actors get to wherever they need to go whether or not they’ve lived it, but [these roles] had a deeper resonance with me because of my own personal experience.”⁣ Link in bio for the full cover story. #ELLEWIH ⁣ ELLE November 2019:⁣ Editor-in-Chief: @ninagarcia⁣ Cover star: #ScarlettJohansson⁣ Written by: @melissagiannini Photographer: @zoeygrossman⁣ Stylist: @natasharoyt⁣ Hair: @davynewkirk⁣ Makeup: @frankieboyd⁣ Produced by: @michellehynek, @crawfordandcoproductions

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In the aftermath of #MeToo, this year’s Women in Hollywood honorees are defined by the question: Where do we go from here? With standout performances in two of fall’s most anticipated films, plus a summer blockbuster on the horizon, #ScarlettJohansson is riding the wave. In her first leading role, @jodiesmith isn’t taking things for granted. “You have to work twice as hard to have half as much,” she says. “[There’s] constantly a different standard we as black people hold ourselves to, and hold each other to, in a way that can be oppressive.” And @natalieportman has graduated from doe-eyed ingenue to a full fledged woman of complexity. Link in bio for all our #ELLEWIH honorees, including @gwynethpaltrow, @nicolekidman, @lenawaithe, @msmelina, @zendaya, @mindykaling, and @dollyparton.⁣ ⁣ ELLE November 2019:⁣ Editor-in-Chief: @ninagarcia⁣ Cover stars: #ScarlettJohansson, @jodiesmith, @natalieportman⁣ Written by: @melissagianni, @margaretwappler, Anita Little⁣ Photographer: @zoeygrossman⁣ Stylist: @natasharoyt, @charlesvarenne, @shionat⁣ Wearing: @ralphlauren, @dior, @balmain, @anakhouri, @panconesi, @cartier⁣ Hair: @davynewkirk, @mararoszak, @naivashaintl⁣ Makeup: @frankieboyd, @ninapark, @carolamakeup⁣ Nails: @Millie_cosmo, @thuybnguyen⁣ Produced by: @michellehynek, @crawfordandcoproductions

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Une beauté intemporelle! 


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